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Fall 2023 – Spring 2024


The City of Bakersfield, California, is developing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) that will support the long-term vision for a citywide bicycle and pedestrian system

over the next decade.

​The project team will begin by identifying existing high-stress environments for pedestrians and bicyclists in the project area with input from the public. Using this information, the team will propose a list of planned projects or policies that could be considered as part of ATP.


The Bakersfield ATP seeks to encourage active transportation across Bakersfield and to propose opportunities that will enhance existing programs and policies towards the goal of creating safe, accessible, connected walking and biking routes

for all community members. ​

As part of the ATP development, the City of Bakersfield plans to:​

Survey local communities to identify potential improvement projects

Locate gaps in the current bicycle and pedestrian system

Prioritize improvements that create more equitable opportunities for all modes of transportation

Host events for communities to provide input and ask questions with the project team present


An Active Transportation Plan is a document that provides a comprehensive set of projects, programs, and policies to improve walking, biking, and ADA accessibility conditions. The recommendations are developed based on input from community members and key stakeholders to address existing deficiencies in the pedestrian and bicycle network.

ATPs aim to enhance accessibility, safety, and connectivity across neighborhoods.

Check out the Community Events tab for more information about ways to get involved with upcoming events.

Submit comments on our interactive map here!
You can also take our survey to tell us about active transportation needs in your community!

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